All Inclusive Plan

Whats Included and How Does it Work


All Inclusive or Flex Rates is the term Firwood uses for their Optional plan that allows their residents to include a level payment that is added to their rent to cover Electric, Gas (if applicable), Cable and / or High (Turbo)Speed Internet (Road Runner).   While it is not an unlimited usage plan, the rates are set based on what may be considered normal Ohio living ( maintaining a 70-72 degree tempture, turning off A/C and other utilities when not needed, etc) and generally covers all those expenses.  In the event the budgeted monthly rate times (x) the entire rental period is exceeded, the tenant will only have to pay the difference (sorry, no refund if not exceeded). The actual Electric and Gas paid are available in the office to help monitor the usage.


The Lease agreement reads as follows (par. 2-c)


Optional All Inclusive Plan – Tenant agrees to pay the Budgeted amount on page one of this agreement or on their ledger card.  It is understood that Cable and High Speed Internet (Road Runner ) will be provided as agreed on page #1 of the lease agreement and the tenant agrees not to use any other service other than a cell phone or to share these services with another apartment.  It is further agreed that if there is a violation to this agreement, the tenant(s) receiving this service must pay Firwood for them going back to the starting date of their lease. Tenant(s) paying for the Internet Service agree to password protect their routers for their own security and to avoid a $50.00 penalty. It is also understood that the Budgeted utility cost for Electric and Gas is a good faith estimate to maintain an average temperature of  70 degrees and it is further understood that this is Not an Unlimited Usage Program. However, in the unlikely event the accumulated Budgeted amount is exceeded by this end of this agreement, it is understood that the excess usage expenses will be paid by the tenant(s).  If the accumulated amount is not exceeded, there will be no refund and the savings will be used to help offset the expense Firwood incurs for providing this service. A spreadsheet showing the monthly usage for Electric and Gas will be available in the office for review.  If the All Inclusive Expenses are not paid in full by the 15th day of the month, Firwood reserves the right to discontinue any and all services and the tenant(s) grants permission for Firwood to disconnected all utilities and to enter to enter their apartment without further notice to remove any equipment provided and install blockers during normal office hours. (Note: All Cable and Internet equipment provided remains the property of Firwood & Time Warner).